Obsessive, compulsive, creative. 

We’re a group of artists, nerds and Hollywood evangelists. We’re minimalists who go big on ideation, and go home once the queue is clear. We’ve got decades of experience launching some of the most iconic blockbusters, tv shows, concerts and sporting events, across the digital front. Hollywood is in our DNA. Telling our mothers “Hey, I worked on that!", is something we live for.


Meet The Founder.


Since 2005, Matthew has been an interactive marketing partner to L.A.'s foremost movie & television studios, sports and art institutions. He's held principal roles across some of the industry's most recognized creative agencies, building teams from the ground up and overseeing a comprehensive range of marketing campaigns and product development. 

In 2020, Matthew founded QUEUE GROUP, an alliance of industry veterans, focused on digital media advertising in the arts and entertainment sector. Formerly, he was the founding partner and managing director of Revolve Agency - an award-winning AV creative firm, still serving Hollywood's leading movie and television studios.



The Walt Disney Company, Disney Channel-XD-JR, Pixar, ABC, 20th Century Fox, Searchlight / Paramount Pictures / Hallmark Channel / Sony Pictures / NBC Universal / Focus Features / Warner Bros. / Summit Entertainment / DreamWorks / Relativity Media / Showtime / Turner Broadcasting, TNT, TBS / NFL Network / Scripps Networks, Food Network / VH1 / CBS / Discovery Channel / EA Sports / WGN / AT&T / Microsoft / The Getty Center / LA Philharmonic, Hollywood Bowl, Walt Disney Concert Hall




  • project lead
  • app UI/UX architect
  • creative & dev oversight

Founder Portfolio is a collection of technology products and digital ad campaigns overseen by Matthew, prior to the founding of Queue Group. 



"If anyone orders Merlot, I'm leaving. I am not drinking any ####ing Merlot!"